Tutorial - How to Buckle Your Belt - Video!

Check out these great and affordable cool gifts to give to your kids, grandkids, nephews, and friends. The BOY pack is perfect for a set of brothers or just to treat your special boy to several choices!

Comes with 2 Belts & 4 Buckles (the Belts have 1 solid color & 1 pattern, with that boyish appeal; the Buckles will also be especially hand picked for boys).

All Belts and Buckles will be a surprise mix (i.e., not necessarily the items shown above)

***Sizing and Recommendations for Belts.  These Belts will be delivered in Medium size unless otherwise requested.  If you would like a mix of Small and Medium, please feel free to Contact Us.

  • Medium - Fits books that are between 7 ¼  -9 ½ inches long.  This size fits most U.S. school age kids books and larger size tablets.